Thom Tillis Candidate for Senate (R)

Thom Tillis Republican Candidate for Senate is Wrong for North Carolina!

As Speaker in the North Carolina House, led that state’s general assembly in denying the Medicaid Expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act that would have given health care coverage to thousands of citizens in his state. Tillis presented that same radical right wing argument that the expansion would hurt taxpayers. Now that he has fallen behind in the 2014 polls for his senate run, he decided to backtrack and yell a call for Medicaid Expansion in order to win votes. North Carolina voters must take heed and not be fooled by Tillis’ backtracking, however, because this is another prime example of Republican candidates saying anything to get votes. After elected, however, they go back to their true colors and continue enacting policies that hurt the very voters who put them in office!

In addition to denying health coverage to hundreds of thousands of voters, Tillis’ right wing radical ideals include the following:

  • Tillis is AGAINST raising the Minimum Wage and instead talks about creating jobs in order to avoid answering questions regarding his position. Currently, North Carolina workers are lucky to be paid a mere $7.25 per hour!
  • Thom Tillis signed voter identification legislation that included additional policies making it more difficult for North Carolina citizens to vote
  • Tillis is against women’s rights including their need to earn the same pay as men doing the same job. This is why he blocked the NC legislature’s paycheck fairness act and called efforts to pass the measure a campaign gimmick
  • Tillis is against family planning program that incorporates health care for men and women including cervical and prostate cancer screenings
  • He failed to to allocate enough funds to the state’s continuation budget which had the affect of allocating $500 million dollars less than requested and wound up eliminating jobs for 5200 teachers, plus 3200 teacher’s assistants and $115 million in school supplies and textbooks plus other educational necessities
  • Although Thom Tillis is against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that protects our planet, he is for fracking the earth by inserting toxic chemicals below ground without alerting the public as to what harmful chemicals are being used during the process; and in fact he supports referring to the chemicals as trade secrets
  • Tillis also opposes gun control laws and voted yes on an issue that allows anyone to carry concealed weapons in public places. He has been endorsed by the firearms protection group, the NRA
  • As with other Tea Partiers, Tillis misconstrues facts about the successes of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare and works hard to turn his constituents against utilizing the system despite enjoying taxpayer funded income from his job and medical care
  • Tillis is also against same sex marriage and in and vowed to take the issue to the Supreme Court again already they already made findings against appeals similar to those filled by North Carolina. Tillis’ intention was clearly to gin up voters for his senate election campaign

Dump this Tea Party candidate by voting for Democrat Representative Kay Hagan on November 4 2014!



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