Scott Walker Governor Wisconsin (R)

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin a Tea Party Favorite

Scott Walker began using his power to hurt the little guy as soon as he took office in 2011 by signing legislation that cut school funding, took away women’s rights and initiated voter suppression policies in the state of Wisconsin.

His radical ideals include the following:

  • Scott Walker did NOT deliver on the 250,000 jobs he promised during his 2010 election campaign! Wisconsin is one of the worst states for jobs creation under Scott Walker’s lead!
  • Walker is AGAINST the Minimum Wage!
  • Walker is against women’s rights including their need to earn the same pay as men doing the same job. He repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act that assisted women in making sure they received equal pay
  • Walker is against family planning program that incorporates health care for men and women including cervical and prostate cancer screenings
  • Walker made massive cuts to public education as soon as he took office while at the same time expanded vouchers for schools in suburban neighborhoods
  • He is against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that protects our planet and has signed a Koch Brothers pledge to oppose earth saving policies
  • Scott Walker also opposes gun control laws that would help to protect innocent citizens including school children and is for carrying guns on school campuses
  • As with other Tea Partiers, Walker misconstrues facts about the successes of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare and he denied thousands of Wisconsinites health coverage by refusing to expand Medicaid in that state
  • Walker is also against same sex marriage and in 2011 filed a lawsuit saying domestic partnerships were unconstitutional

Dump this Tea Party candidate by voting for Democrat Mary Burke on November 4 2014!

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