Rick Scott the WRONG Governor for Florida (R)

Governor Rick Scott of Florida a Tea Party Favorite

Rick Scott is a Tea Partier who refuses to state his position on important issues such as equal pay for equal work, the minimum wage across the board for all workers, and same sex marriage. He took down the Florida education system with massive cuts as soon as he became Governor and later tried to cover his tracks by increasing education spending in the budget he set forth more than 3 years later; after the school system had already suffered!

His radical ideals include the following:

  • Scott is So-o-o AGAINST the minimum wage that he passed law in Florida preventing counties and cities from increasing wages or paying for sick leave
  • Scott is against women’s rights including their need to earn the same pay as men doing the same job. What’s more is that he and his Republican cohorts in the House and Senate failed to give Floridians the $10.10 minimum wage increase the people were seeking in the 2014 budget
  • Scott is a pro-lifer who voted for legislation that forces women to undergo unnecessary intrusive ultrasound procedures prior to obtaining an abortion
  • Rick Scott made massive cuts to public education as soon as he took office back in 2011 during the wave of Tea Party takeovers. Despite his claims to be a leader in education spending, his actions to increase spending came in late 2014 while fighting to remain governor in Florida. What’s more is that the increases still came in lower than they should have been when you factor in inflation rates
  • Rick Scott also opposes gun control laws that would help to protect innocent citizens including school children, finds it unnecessary to require licenses for possessing guns, and is all for carrying concealed weapons as well
  • As with other Tea Partiers, Rick Scott misconstrues facts about the successes of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare to the point that he met with seniors hoping for horror stories but instead received praise for President Obama’s health care reform. Also, Scott failed to take advantage of the Medicaid Expansion plan that would grant health care to hundreds of thousands of Floridians
  • Scott refuses to directly state his position on same sex marriage but instead tries to walk a fine line suggesting he will uphold the law if courts say these marriages are constitutional

Dump this Tea Party candidate by voting for Democrat Charlie Crist on November 4 2014!

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