Representative Steven Arnold King

Congressman Steve King Represents Iowa 4th District

Tea Partier Steven King continues to mouth a string of outlandish Right Wing remarks aimed to prove his stance on Tea Party issues that include the following:

After a 2006 June proposal wherein a slew of congressional conservatives proposed stronger illegal immigrant laws, King suggested employing more than 77 million out-of-work Americans in place of deported immigrants. His idea was that men, women, and teenagers between the ages of 16 and 75 should do the jobs once the illegal workers were relieved of those positions; and, according to King, the economy would not suffer from loss of illegal immigrants as long as Americans filled those vacated positions.

In another anti-immigration remark spewed in July 2013, King said, “For every one [illegal immigrant] who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds—and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.” King refused to back down against these comments despite opposition from his own party members including Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor. King insisted his remarks were based on legitimate border patrol information.

Prior to President Obama becoming the first African American to hold the oval office, King made the following anti-Obama remark: “When you think about the optics of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States — I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam? I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al-Qaida, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11.” King rendered this statement in March of 2008, apparently attempting to reinforce his Tea Party position while trying to earn his reelection to the House of Representatives. Those privy to the Republican mode of operation were not surprised that King later made a failed attempt of playing down his disparaging remark by insisting it had NOT been his intent to “disparage” anyone based on their race, ethnicity, name or religion….

A few days later in March 2008 [The 10th to be exact], King told the Associated Press that Barack Obama would “certainly be viewed as a savior for them…. That’s why you will see them supporting him, encouraging him. Anyone living with their heads outside the ground rather than continuously sinking their eyeballs like ostriches digging egg holes in the sand should know who the them is/are on the receiving end of King’s remarks.

Following President Obama’s election but prior to his swearing in, King walked back his anti-Obama statements to the degree that he did not see terrorists dancing in the streets after all. On the opposite side of his mouth, however, he criticized the soon to be president for choosing to use his middle name during the presidential swearing in. According to King, it was “bizarre” for Barack Obama to be sworn in as the US president using his middle name “Hussein”. It seems that one way or another, King continued to use “scare tactics” to convince the American public [or at least those who don’t know better such as his voting squad] that Barack Obama was a Muslim and it could be proved by his middle name… and let us not forget… Muslims are the bad guys… that is… of course… in the eyes of the hater community…

On June 14 of 2010, King spoke out in favor of racial profiling. He claimed that racial profiling was important to effective law enforcement. According to King, not utilizing racial profiling bears the equivalent of failing to use common sense indicators before law enforcement officer eyes when assessing potential perpetrators.

In addition to the above anti 21st century American values, King’s right wing radical ideals include the following:

  • King is a pro-lifer who is against family planning programs even when they incorporate health care for men and women including cervical and prostate cancer screenings
  • He is against programs that help Americans acquire home mortgage assistance and voted against modifying bankruptcy rules that would help current homeonwners stay in their homes during hard times; and in fact, he voted to make bankruptcy rules even more stringent against middle class homeowners
  • King voted against the aid to help the car industry become number one in the world once again during the recession caused by the Bush Administration
  • He voted “No” to a $60 billion stimulus package that would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs and helped the economy recover much faster during the economic crisis
  • He called gay marriage a path to socialism and voted for a constitutional amendment to prevent same-sex marriage
  • Voted “No” to prevent discrimination against women in the workplace
  • In 2013, King voted “No” on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. He also voted “No” on enforcement on anti-gay hate crimes!
  • Failed to vote in favor of measures that would strengthen public educationa
  • King also opposes gun control laws and voted to ban gun registration as well as trigger lock laws in Washington DC

Unfortunately, King won reelection in 2014 in part due to an inappropriate comment made by his democratic contender, Bruce Braley. Braley made a thoughtless comment that King was “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” No doubt, Braley had not intended to downplay the importance of farm workers while up-playing the importance of attorneys but he was unable to recover from these candidacy harming comments.

With that said, although Braley’s comment may have played a roll in King’s reelection,  the fact that Democrats often fail to go to the polls in the off season (non presidential election years) may have added to the dilemma. Now Iowa and the rest of the US must contend with King until he comes up for reelection in 2018. At that time, we MUST dump this Tea Party Senator by voting in the opposing Democrat who shows a desire to promote progressive values for the entire country!

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