Michele Marie Bachmann

Michele Bachmann Represents Minnesota’s 6th District

Thank goodness… She’s on her way out! Having held her Minnesota seat since 2007, Michelle Bachmann has had more than ample time to live off the system while lashing out at those in need… Many of whom are taxpaying citizens trying to dig their way out of the holes in which Republican policies dropped them. Despite her many out lashes against the not so well to do, Bachmann has been living off government subsidies for her farm as well as for the children she fosters – but does not adopt…. This is in addition to $100+ thousand dollar salary she draws from taxpayers that pay her salary while she is against other government employees receiving living wages as well. Oh and one more thing… She is a primary advocate for the Republican led push to repeal Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) and yet taxpayer dollars pay for her as well as her family’s health insurance.

Delving a bit more into Bachmann’s apparent unsavory financial behaviors, the following beg notice:

  • From 2006 to 2010, Bachmann and her husband Marcus received state and federal monetary support to the tune of more than $190,000 for their Minnesota clinic, Bachmann & Associates. Ms. Bachmann claimed during an interview that the supplements went to train personnel and that she and her husband did not benefit….
  • As far as farm subsidies go, Marcus Bachmann’s father owned a farm that received government funds to the tune of $260,000 from the years 1995 through 2008. During that period (from 2006 to 2009) Michelle Bachmann reported earning from $32,500 to $105,000 from that same farm. She claimed that she only reported the earnings out of “an abundance of caution” because her husband was overseeing the farm as its trustee during that time. According to her accounts, neither she or her husband benefited from the government subsidies, which as stated above, exceeded the earnings Bachmann reported in her disclosures. But then one must consider her former position as a tax litigation attorney… She obviously knows all the angles…
  • The business, Bachmann & Associates, a Christian organization, was accused of encouraging homosexual clients to pray away the gay. This tendency was caught on tape and Marcus Bachmann admitted to utilizing the practice but said it was at client request….

Despite her shady financial records, and receiving funds for her clinic, Bachmann has the nerve to sponsor a bill that to audit state managed Medicaid programs. Failure to submit acceptable documentation could result in a withholding of funds to non-reporting entities. She calls this bill the “Medicaid Integrity Act of 2013“.

Bachmann lied about losing her health insurance during a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer in another attempt to tramp on the Affordable Care Act and potentially prevent Americans for signing up for help they need and deserve.

Additional Bachmann Shadiness Includes:

Against same sex marriage…

Accused President Barack Obama of being anti-American….

Insisted the Affordable Care Act wreaked with “death panel’ verbiage….

Despite taxpayer aide funneled to her business, Bachmann vies to slash Social Security/Medicare.

Proposed bill to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act…

Aims to repeal portions of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010…

Claims she would not only cut, but would get rid of food stamps despite their help to thousands of Americans mostly which are children; and she would get rid of public assistance she called AFDC but was changed to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in 1996…. In other words, as far as Bachmann is concerned, aid to her family businesses – yes… Help for the truly needy – A GREAT BIG ‘NO’!

Whether out of fear of losing and preferring to be a winner or, according to her statement, she believe eight-year congressional terms, in step with presidential years, is enough, Bachmann decided to give up her Minnesota seat after the 2014 elections. How WONDERFUL!! This Tea Partier will hopefully make it easier to diminish that group’s congressional numbers… Another one bites the dust!!

Boot those radical righties into the sea!

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