Dave Brat for Congress Virginia (R)

Why is Tea Partier Dave Brat Keeping His Radical Right Wing Ideals Under the Radar?

Dave Brat is the 2014 candidate running for Virginia’s House seat in the 7th district. Brat defeated Tea Party darling Eric Cantor during the Republican primaries. This defeat was sweet but would have been sweeter if Brat was not a Tea Party member himself! A bit of irony here is that Brat insisted Cantor debate him during the primaries but reveals hypocrisy when it comes to the General Election by refusing to debate with his opponent Jack Trammell.

Dave Brat’s radical ideals include the following:

  • Dave Brat plans to reform Social Security in a manner that aims to decrease benefits and cause young people, as well as anyone seeking benefits after the next 10 years, to wait longer before receiving retirement funds. He calls it Social Security protection; but actually it is Social Security reduction.
  • He is against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that protects our planet
  • He is against abortion and a woman’s right to choose
  • Dave Brat opposes gun control laws that would help to protect innocent citizens including school children
  • As with other Tea Partiers, Brat misconstrues facts about the successes of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare and vows to repeal it; thus taking health care coverage away from millions of Americans
  • Misleads the public about the national debt which has decreased significantly since President Obama has been in office
  • He also misleads the public on the safety of our borders which have been strongly reinforced since President Obama has been in office
  • Brat is against immigration reform and amnesty

Dump this Tea Party candidate by voting for Democrat Jack Trammell on November 4 2014!

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