African American Tea Party Pawns

African Americans that Baffle

One could only wonder why any African American would join the Tea Party considering the fact that many followers of this uprising appear to be fine with racism against blacks as well as other minority groups. This is why the flying of a Confederate flag along with a Marine Corps flag in front of the White House (October 13 2013) during a so-called protest of the World War II Memorial closure received no flack from protesting participants. Although flying the confederate flag may have shown ignorance on part of the guy holding its pole, one can only deduce the protester’s point apparently was to insult President Barack Obama. This is because Black Americans view flying confederate flags as disrespectful and insulting to the African American community. Whether this particular protester believes President Barack Obama was not born in the United States (making the protester a birther) or he simply despises the leader because he is Black, there can be no doubt the flag-waver knew for certain the connotations of his adverse behavior. No doubt the flagman knew his actions insulted the President. Otherwise what purpose would his exhibition have served? Thus, again… as this article began… one could only wonder why any African American would join the Tea Party. The idea of deliberately placing oneself in a setting wherein members despise you for the color of your skin is simply baffling. Of course, this instance of confederate flag flying aimed at our African American President was not the first of its type. This instance merely took its place in a more than 5-year-long line of protesters exhibiting the same type of behavior that began before Barack Obama’s run for the presidency sealed him as the Democratic nominee.

Flying flags in order to express their disdain for President Obama has not been the only way Tea Party members have vied to insult our first African American leader however. In addition to the flag flying, Tea Party members have:

  • Taken unconcealed weapons to protests against the President
  • Frequently sketched pictures of the President depicting him with a Hitler mustache
  • Depicted the President as Osama Bin Laden
  • Depicted President Obama as a monkey with highly exaggerated ears
  • Made negative references to the President as a watermelon consumer – a stereotype about African Americans and their love for eating watermelon.

This is merely a few points that must baffle as to why African Americans would join the Tea Party.

In addition, consider Nationalist John Tanton. This guy, despite publishing articles wherein authors construct verbiage depicting African Americans as a retrograde species of humanity, turned around and used the Black community to protest against amnesty for undocumented immigrants. His preference for the white race allowed him to pit one nonwhite group against other races while at the same time pitting Blacks against Blacks! … and then there was West!

​ Taking the bafflement a little further, men are not the only Blacks jumping ship to become Tea Party advocates. Women such as Jennifer Burke social media director for a Tea Party website said, “Despite assertions of tolerance, the left remains bastion of intolerance for those who challenge the liberal narratives in America.” She also complained during an interview with Sean Hannity about negative feedback she gets on Facebook for making adverse comments on Obama policies implying to be against Obama is to be racist no matter what your race…

And how about Deneen Borelli, a Freedom Works outreach director who said, “Initially, the political left tried to diminish the influence of the Tea Party by claiming the members were racists. That lie was propagated by progressive talking heads and left-wing media such as MSNBC.

Now think about this for a moment…

A woman… a Black woman… joining the Tea Party…

This is even more baffling than Black men joining the group considering the fact that many Tea Party members have made it their personal missions to set women’s rights back hundreds of years!

  • They prefer women not control their own bodies
  • They don’t want women to vote
  • They want women to bear and raise children even if they become rape-impregnated!

Thus… An African American woman joining the Tea Party is so extreme that comprehending this action can only be impossible. How could she justify such an action? How could she live with herself? Perhaps Blacks join to make money???

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