About this site…

DumpThatTeaParty.com was created in effort to expose the far Right Wing faction of the Republican Party otherwise known as the Tea Party.

Attention will gear around Tea Party membership and ideology no matter what level of involvement the participants possess or how ridiculous their platform claims.

The webmaster has taken on this mission to consolidate these members and to voice her opinions on their platform in order to make it easier for Americans to uncover truths about Tea Party members. The fact that this far right wing of the Republican Party managed to take congress by storm in such a way as to implement the 2013 government shutdown as well as to threaten what would have been the first country-wide default in United States history shows that the American people MUST VOTE THESE EXTREMIST OUT OF OFFICE IN 2014! We do NOT NEED the likes of them running our government.

Tea Party members/promoters/financiers will be added to DumpThatTeaParty.com one-by-one as follows:

Positions such as public service employees, media instigators, monetary financiers, outside activists, etc…

Particular emphasis will be given to government employees holding office in state, local, and federal offices

Members running for political offices

Tea Party agenda itself

Boot those radical righties into the sea!

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