The 1773 Tea Party did wonders for preventing the United States from forking out excessive taxes levied by England in attempt to keep the East India Tea Company prosperous so that the motherland could continue profiting as well but today’s so-called clan of the same name; despite referring to themselves as patriots, have no country to fight against except our own. These people are not patriots! What they are is country-dividing anti-American racists who fear feminist power and non-white growth!


If you are sick of the racist anti-American, anti-progressive, anti-President Obama group of misfits that disrespects women, takes away voting rights, and only wants to take what they call “their” country back, you’ve come to the right fight-the-Tea-Party place! We MUST DUMP THAT TEA PARTY in 2016 elections!


Whether or not you are usually a tame person the time comes when we as a nation must stand up and be counted! Whomever does NOT stand, both in the political arena, and ESPECIALLY in the voting booth, willingly forfeits their power to conservative extremist whose goal is to take our rights away, reduce our ability to educate ourselves and our children, and to keep our wages low, thus preventing us from reaching the American Dream.

The 2014 elections made an unfortunate move in the wrong direction when frustrated voters elected more red state legislators. This move is highly likely to hurt Americans who can barely put food on the table as it is despite the improvements in the economy since President Barack Obama has been in office. Improvements that the Republican Party continues to diss while not lifting a finger to vote on the President’s Jobs Bill that has the capacity to produce millions of high-paying jobs and to grow the American economy even faster. The Republicans have refused to pass the jobs bill for political reasons that force Americans to believe well paying jobs are sparse because of the President. Republicans are able to get away with this trickery because they know most Americans are not seeking factual information from sources that count; but rather listening to Right Wing media whose interest is to promote conservative ideals for their own monetary reasons. All this trickery, otherwise known as brainwashing, steers voters into voting against their own interests while giving the rich more than they truly need. We MUST SEE BEYOND THESE FAR RIGHT RADICAL TRICKS!! If we fail, we will continue to pay for our inadequacies….

This site is continuing from where it left off after beginning just ahead of the 2014 elections that gave the Democratic Party a lashing the American people truly could not afford…. This site is now aimed at making voters aware of what’s to come in 2016… The site master is just getting started… Join her if you will… Please Follow… Post… Tweet… Leave Comments… Share this site with family as well as friends, and then VOTE to Dump that Tea Party in 2016!!

Boot those radical righties into the sea!

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